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Learn NVivo and get your research up and running in NVivo

If you've started to collect data for a qualitative research project and would like to use NVivo then I can teach you NVivo at the same time as getting your project going in NVivo.  I'll discuss with you exactly what your data is like and what you hope to achieve and design a series of training sessions specifically for you and your research.

We will book some online sessions using Zoom where I can explain and demonstrate each topic.  Between sessions, you can put into practice what we've covered on your data.  If you get stuck or need some advice between sessions, then you can send me an email.

Once we've finished the training, you can continue to seek advice by email on anything we've covered in the training.

The following is an illustration of four sessions for a project startup for a typical PhD or research project.


In this session, I will show you how NVivo can be used in a research project like yours.  Then I'll run through setting up your project - we can do this on your machine if you like - or I can demo and you can practice afterwards.  I will give you a key points document covering the main topics that we have covered.  We'll look at how to structure your data so that you can easily compare different subsets of your data. I'll also show you how to backup and recover your project.


This session will look at how to develop and organise your codes.  There are a variety of approaches depending upon your research methodology and the nature of the data.  I will show you how to code for different purposes.


Your coding structure often reflects your understanding of your data as you work through coding.  This means that as you code you will want to refine your coding structure.  We can cover how to do this and use coding on to refine your coding in more detail.  I will also show you how to use simple visualisation techniques to help you review your coding and explain it to others.


NVivo provides a range of querying tools which help you to investigate your data and explore patterns.  I will show you how to use two tools which many people find useful: Word Frequency and Matrix Coding.  How we structure your data and codes will affect how these tools can be used so it is important to see how they work before doing too much coding.

Project Startup: Resources and Tips
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